All Natural Timber Frame

All Natural Timber Frame has been constructing timber-framed buildings since 1952.  The family company was one of the first in the UK to utilise timber-frame development. Always priding ourselves on trust and loyalty, we’ve consistently been able to provide our clients with value-for-money which can’t be found elsewhere.

Our units are now manufactured in a specialist factory in Cumbria, but we offer a national distribution service.  From start to finish, we regularly sit down with out clients to ensure their needs are catered for. We construct large-scale projects from our factory, or we build on-site in order to offer our clients the option to make last minute changes.

Complete timber frame home £120.000

All Natural Timber Frame

Our timber frame units are manufactured in our own bespoke factory where they are constructed, prepared, and treated. We produce a number of different types of timber frame buildings from grand designs projects to normal traditional homes, log cabins to garden offices.

As an individual developer of timberframe we offer a bespoke service. We can construct large scale projects from our factory or we make on site to offer our clientel any change which they prefer to be done as we build showing them day to day service of different stages . They can alter project hour by hour to make sure they are getting exactly what they want when they and at the end of the day making sure extemly sattisfied is the key factor.

All our clients receive a personal relationship with us. We work with you on a one to one basis ensuring that you are 100% comfortable with the design and project. We take the stress out of the construction allowing you to relax and look forward to a completed project.

We are family Bussiness which puts our heart and soul into every product we build.

Who Are We

All Natural Timber Frame is a family run business that has been passed on through generations. Our family as a timberlands company was one of first company's in the country to start doing timberframe development. 

We started in 1952 on sites across the U.K, both timber frame,  brick and block construction. I was brought up in the construction industry, and was shown at a young age the a-z of the construction industry from a family business.

We prided ourselves on trust, loyalty and value for money developing our products for families and clients.

We sit down with our clients from start to finish making sure all there questions and needs are catered for .

Why Choose Us

  • Professionalism
  • Loyalty with clients
  • Project management throughout
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Day to day contact with client
  • Complete Satisfaction